Music Band

Wanna Play in a Band?


AMVET Members are forming a Southen Rock and Country band to play here at the post and as many events as we can handle. We are still looking for an electric Bass Player and a Keyboard Player. Call the post if you’d like to try-out. Guitarist and SInger/Songwriter, Micheal Dukes from Nashville Impact, is asking for Veterans first but is willing to try-out others to get the right fit for the band.


  • Must have Friday, Saturday nights and Sundays afternoons free. ( of course, we won’t be playing every week…)
  • We will also rehearse up to three times a week.
  • We plan to record original songs and tour the South promoting AMVETS when the band is ready.
  • We will be playing AMVET events and local charity opportunities, but paying gigs are in the works.
  • We are looking for former pros and newcomers with some experience, but are willing to teach and work with anyone who shows promise. You will need your own equipment. We have a great PA and stage sound system.
  • If you are looking for a career in music this will be a great opportunity for you.
  • We are already rehearsing with JR  Singletary on Drums, Mike Burell on Guitar and Micheal Dukes on vocals, guitar, and Bass guitar.
  • We are seeking a Keyboard Player Lead or second guitar and a bass layer.
  • We would like to end up with a five-piece band made up of
    • lead guitar
    • second lead or rhythm guitar
    • Keyboard player with piano and organ
    • Drums
    • Bass guitar.

Contact the post or speak with Micheal directly at 706-563-9521.